McCaffrey for David Johnson & Royce

Just got this trade offer and im tempted.
i have CMC.
im just worried about DJ

I would keep CMC personally

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DJ is a great RB on a very bad team. Royce is in a time share with 2 other RBs. I’d stick with CMC for now.

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Pass. I’m sticking with CMC but I’m very high on CMC. And I’m not buying DJ right now. I’m holding.

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never thought id decline this trade 2 weeks ago. lol

100% a pass for me. In any PPR CMC is way more valuable at the moment. Royce is not worth much right now.

That’s how fantasy is man. Have to adapt and change or be left in the dust. Holding onto ADP and draft stock is a 1 way ticket to the toilet bowl.

I’ve been extremely high on CMac though for the most part everywhere. So pretty happy I got him in a few dynasty leagues for decent value.