McCaffrey for Fournette and Mack?

I’m the McCaffrey owner and just lost Kerryon. Thinking I might be able to swing this. The Fournette and Mack owner is 1-6, and a huge CMC fan. The question is should I?

0.5 ppr

Here is the rest of my squad

I wanted to reply “no”. But the stupid ten character rule forced me to type the excess…to again say…NO


Too much tilt after losing Kerryon you think?

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No they’re both limited for receptions. They don’t get many. Fournette’s been getting a lot of touches every game the only reason he’s producing. Give any RB in the league 30 rushes they should produce at least 90 yards.

You don’t project that to continue though?

Yes but I also think it raises his chances of getting hurt. I think this 8 game stretch will be the longest of his career without missing a game.