Mccaffrey for Gordon and Cook?

got offered gordon and cook for mccaffrey and was wondering your guys’ thought on it

I would take this and run! When Cook is healthy you’ll have two great RBs

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I agree with what Jason was saying on the podcast today, I do not want cook or fournette on my team because those hamstring injuries aren’t fun. But, Melvin Gordon could very possibly be better than mccafrey(if you’re in a standard league). In a standard league I would 100% do this trade, but if you’re in a full ppr league I would be a little more hesitant, but I think I would still end up doing it. Hope this helps!

Gordon and CMC are equal in my eyes, so yes, take that trade.

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I’d rather have gordon than cmc. I think Gordon has more targets. So yea take this and run.

Is it Melvin Gordon or Josh Gordon? Because I’m sure that would change a lot of the answers above. If it’s Melvin, take it for sure. If it’s Josh, no way man.

Goooooood call toasty!!! Yes agree with toasty, josh Gordon, no way, Melvin Gordon yes way. Yea there’s no way it’s melvin

I assumed Melvin, but if it is josh Gordon, I would not do the trade in ppr formats, and might consider the trade still in standard leagues

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