McCaffrey/Gibson for CEH/Conner?

Just got this offer sent thru to me. Redraft, full PPR. I know I’m giving up quite a bit short term but is the long term upside there to make it worthwhile?

I wish Connor didn’t have injury history otherwise I’d say go for it. But stick with CMC and Gibson. These are 2 guys you are gonna be happy you have for playoffs. If you’re 0-2 though, that makes this a little bit more difficult. I still wouldn’t take this trade right now. Give it a couple weeks

Thanks for the advice! I’m actually on the other side of the trade. I’ve got the CEH/Conner side.

Sitting at 1-1 right now.

Does that change anything in your mind?

Who are the other RBs on your roster?

Kareem hunt, Dobbins, Moss, Cohen

Gotcha. This is kinda tough because like, how long is CMC REALLY going to be out. If it’s actually in the 4-6 week range and you want to accept the trade you’re dealing with Gibson and Hunt as your only 2 legit options at starting RBs. What if 1 of them goes down? You can’t win the championship without making the playoffs, I’m all about aggressive trades for injured players IF it’s later in the season and you have a dominant record. I would not make that trade.

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Maybe counter with Hunt/Conner?

This seems like a smart counter. Will try it now

Awesome advice Drew - thx for breaking it down like that

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