Mccaffrey, Ingram,Freeman,Gordon, which 3 to start?

Gordon has a minor shoulder injury ,going against Broncos. So I have it set as Ingram,Mccaffrey, and Freeman. Should I play Gordon and sit McCaffrrey vs bears? full point, 10 team league.

With how Gordon has been playing it would be very hard to sit him, regardless of matchup. (I say this as a Gordon owner).

However you do seem to have a wealth of RBs, all with good matchups this week. I think I’d rank them Gordon, Freeman, Ingram, McCaffery.

But that’s a tough 4 to choose from. A good problem to have I guess.

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Yeah , its a good problem because my wide receivers are bad on my end. I have taylor gabriel,funchess and Tedd Jr.

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Can you trade (or be willing to trade) any of them for a #1 WR? Cuz that’s what I would do… probably freeman or Gordon for a true #1

In seeking trade I would try not to trade Gordon. He is THE rb for the chargers, sharing with nobody. Freeman shares with Coleman and even though he still puts up numbers I think Gordon has a higher floor and ceiling. Freeman should be able to snag you a solid wr1

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I was thinking trading gordon for Jordy Nelson, but not sure if Nelso is still good with out rodgers?

So should I start Gordon over McCaffrey? So iit be…

RB1 Freeman
RB2 Gordon
Flex Ingram

I would not do that. Even with Rodgers I personally value Gordon more than Nelson, with Hundley its so hard to know what will happen

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Yeah I’d stay away now… I’d go after m Thomas or ab maybe

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I got Mike Evans and gave away Mccaffrey. I think that was a good trade.