McCaffrey, Kamara, or a WR with the #2 pick?

What’s up everyone? I have the #2 pick in my full ppr, full point first down 10 team redraft league.

The roster construction is 1 qb, 3 wr, 2 rb, 1 te, 2 flex, def, no kicker, 7 bench, 2 IR spots.

The guy with the 1st pick says he’s taking Barkley. I think I’ll pick Elliott if he signs a new deal by then but if not should I pick CMC or Kamara?

I’m worried about Cam being injury prone and how his shoulder will holdup throughout the course of the season. I like Kamara but is that too high of a pick for a rb in a rbbc ? Should I take Adams with my #2 pick? I have the UDK and the Ballers have Adams the #1 overall ranked wr.

What do you all think? Thanks in advance! Good luck to everyone this season! Have fun!!

Even with cam hurt last year CMC was fine. I’d take him over Kamara. You could probably get Keenan Allen on the turnaround and I’d be super fine with that, especially if Gordon holds out.

What if Cam misses time and Carolina has to play their backup qb though?

Who better to catch passes from a backup QB than a running back 5 yards past the line? I think you’re thinking too hard about it, both players will be good, I just think CMC has a more stable floor, especially in PPR

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CMC looks mighty fine at number 2