mcCaffrey or kamara?

who should i start at flex ppr? ASAP

I would go mcaffrey. I think he is better and will see more snaps.

TY-I like mccaffrey but panthers dont seem to use him like i thought they would and kamara is fresh off a bye-

In PPR, i would go McCaffrey, but DO NOT put him in your flex since its a Thursday game. Put him in your RB slot for more options come Sunday.

ok TY-I have gordon and doug martin as my other RBS to start this week and mccaffrey as a flex-i should be ok with mccaffrey in the the flex spot?? i really like kamara but am torn between the 2-eagles D is good and stewart gets way too many carries in my opinion-

help me out fantasy footballers almost game time-mccaffrey or kamara ppr-much appreciated!!!

I like Kamara this week against a tough Detriot Defense.

I’d go McCaffrey

FYI the reason to put McCaffrey in as a RB instead of a Flex is so that if one of your starters gets hurt, then you can replace him with an RB/WR/TE

eagle defense is pretty good as well as is detroit and the person i am playing has michael thomas-these darn thursday football games!! SMH-I AM LEANING TOWARDS KAMARA OVER MCCAFFREY???

I would actually go kamara over Mccaffrey

The flex spot is no difference in value than the RB. For example if you play him in the flex, hes locked, and one of your RBs get hurt during practice or whatever, you can now only replace him with an RB, instead of that spot being the flex, where you can replace him with any POS. just a good practice to have on all your squads.

I guess i am gonna go with kamara over mccaffrey but am still on the fence on these 2- as a cowboy fan i know the eagles D will probably go lights out tonight on mccaffrey-

Hopefully kamara works out for you.