McCaffrey or McKinnon

Dynasty half point scoring. Who would you rather have McCaffrey or McKinnon?

I think most people, including myself, would take mccafrey. He’s much more talented overall. Better runner, better receiver.

Considering CMCs secure role in that offense, I think I’d rather have him. McKinnon has been touted the RB1 in that offense, but I have a feeling they’ll draft another RB to steal touches from McKinnon.

I feel the exact same way. That being said, how do you guys feel about this trade. Joe Mixon and Cooper Kupp for the Christian McCaffrey and the 1.06?
My RBs are Kamara, Howard, Mixon, Coleman, and Lewis. I can probably get a 3rd round pick thrown in also or convince them to take Goodwin instead of Kupp. What do you guys think?

I love that trade. Me personally, I hold very little value to Joe Mixon. I said it last year, I’ll say it this year. I dont think he is going to be that good for fantasy. Not on that team. I love kupp though. But mccaffery highly out weighs kupp. And you can replace kupp with a wr at the 1.06. I think that’s an awesome trade for you.

Yeah I really like Kupp but I feel I can’t pass the value of McCaffrey and the 1.06

They also said they would throw in the 3.02 so that’s just icing on top

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Mixon > McCaffrey > McKinnon for this Panthers fan.

I think Mixon gets a lot more volume and I believe in the talent. The obvious concern is the OL, but I think they’ve already improved it in FA and expect they’ll continue to in the draft. I don’t expect the 2016 Cowboys OL, but I think basic competence is enough for Mixon’s talent to show.

The Panthers OL just took a big hit, on paper, as well.