McCaffrey or mixon dynasty league

Would you rather have mixon or McCaffrey in a half point PPR dynasty league?

I’d rather have CMC bc it’s PPR, he has never been injury prone in my memory (odds are Mixon reinjures himself some time since it was his knee), CMC is not a downhill guy at all Bc he’s the size of an everyday pretty average person, and Idk if he’s a good person exactly but Mixon categorically is not. I would accept a good trade to get him lol, but yeah, I really do find it hard to root for the guy ever since I saw that video knocking some chick’s lights out Bc she like slapped his arm and he got testy…I see it on the field in him. And the whole Bengals team. At least Cam has his team’s respect and can physically take any of them if need be…so CMC doesn’t seem likely to get outta line or become an egomaniac. Mixon already is despite Gio being right behind him and literally equally as good on paper at least.

CMC will never be a consistent 1000 yard rusher though. He’s too small and will get hurt. He mandates a passing, which sucks for standard but awesome for PPR of any sort. He can easily have 80 receptions per season. And with Cam the best short yardage option in the NFL…I don’t see Carolina feeling like they need a diff, bigger feature RB to improve themselves any time very soon. But that illustrates the biggest CMC issue by far…lack of TD production. It’s just always gonna be that way. He’s too little. If you don’t have. 2nd RB who gets those goal line looks, then maybe find one…Bc Mixon still just isn’t worth as much as CMC any time at all imo. And I can’t imagine Mixon doesn’t get hurt again. Like a few games per season is what I envision. On a Bengals team that will never make a deep playoff run. This era will never make it there when the rest of division is basically the same type of team exactly except better, or going to become better.

This is full of unfounded speculation, but I can never get over that Mixon assault. What a terrible person. Josh Brown would’ve been proud.

This is quite possibly the best answer I’ve had from anyone in any forums. Thanks so much for taking the time.

Do you think I should keep cMC or use him to aim for someone else?

Haha why thank you. Happy to assist and hope I am not wrong! I like owning CMC unless he can get you an almost equal RB1 in addition to another W/R/T piece. I think he will be consistent ROS though which is more than can be said for almost anybody else at RB. I’d shop him but not make offers of your own. He has a major pedigree that people crave and may do irrational things to obtain. If you could get like Diggs and Mixon for instance, I’d be into that.

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