McCaffrey owners...confidence levels?

He has been sub par this season against bad match ups. Should I bench or play him this week?

I’m worried myself, but I always get hosed when I bench studs…rolling with the punches!

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Just traded for him this week. He’s had some rough matchups, and the Ravens are tough, but his upcoming schedule will be great. Bucs twice, Saints twice, Falcons, Bucs, Browns, Steelers.

I would still role with him this week, as he has a safe floor in ppr

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I have options with K.johnson and N.Chubb.

I love both of those players, but I would myself still role with CMC. Kerryon is still in a time share and is going up against a top 5 run D. And Chubb is a wildcard right now with only one week as the full time starter.

Just my opinion, but it’s hard to bench him

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I know I hate that. I feel this week he’ll burn me no matter what I choose.

Haha, I feel ya. Gotta go with your gut

I think I’ll roll him out this week.

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