McCaffrey question DFS

Now that it looks like Olsen isnt going to play this weekend. Does that make McCaffrey more valuable with volume or does that volume go to Ian thomas?

all opinions are appreciated,

thanks footclan.

Olsen is questionable, but it’s being reported that he is playing. So I wouldn’t say any changes to CMC’s value. IF Olsen is out somehow, CMC gets a big bump.

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i am curious as far as dfs. if ian thomas is a good pick up for tourneys. i have 30 going and changed him in about 5. but you think there is no negative affect on Run CMC

I don’t. I don’t think Ian Thomas is anything that special. I’d go about 20 other TEs before him, even if Olsen was ruled out.

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ok thanks man

Volume goes to CMac before it goes to Ian Thomas.

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thanks thats what i was thinking. just wanted to bounce it off some people