McCaffrey trade help please

I just picked up Chubb. My other rbs are Gordon, Kerryon, McCaffrey and Chubb.
My WRs are Doug Baldwin, Josh Gordon, Amari cooper, mike Williams, Geronimo Allison and Antonio Callaway.
12 man .5 ppr.
Should I try and trade mcaffrey for davante Adams straight up (next week obviously) or should I stay put for now?

Since it wouldn’t process until next week as you said, Id hold and let CMC play Bc odds are he increases his value imo any time he’s on the field getting touches. Plus Cam has all his receivers back so hopefully CMC will be getting all the running work without Cam feeling like he has to do it himself too often.

Big CMC game and you might be able to get even better than Adams. Adams also just came off a weird game and is at a premium even for him right now.

Who would you target?

Maybe Michael Thomas.