McCaffrey trade

Been offered McCaffrey for Tate freeman and Ebron

The league is full ppr
My team is

Wentz fuller Tate green Golladay keke Jeffrey Gurley Freeman njoku Ebron Olsen Lamar miller McCoy

I like McCaffrey in a PPR league a LOT. I feel like downgrading Ebron for a week or two may be worth it considering your options for RB2(this is under the assumption that Jack Doyle will be back soon enough). About the only other piece of info I’d want is how deep your league is as it does have some bearing on this.

10 team league

A fell I can just slot in Golladay for Tate and njoku or Olsen for Ebron

I would take this trade if I were you.


i’m all about it. gurley + cmc is pretty unstoppable in ppr. and i think it’s a good sell high on tate and ebron, and a selling a question mark in freeman (assuming it’s devonta. if it’s royce then that’s even better).

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It’s Devonta

Cmc is gold

Take CMC all day here. Ebron’s value won’t be higher, and Freeman is too concerning with injury.