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McCaffrey vs Fournette?


McCaffrey or Fournette in a full point PPR.

Obviously, I always try to stay away from RBs that don’t catch passes but Fournette could get a heck of a lot more carries and rushing TDs than McCaffrey. Does McCaffrey catch enough passes to make up those points?


Fournette for me here. In full PPR formats he was 9th to CMC’s 10th on the year and he only played 13 games, CMC had 16. Also with Olsen and D.J. Moore in Carolina now CMC may lose some targets to them and with Anderson and Cam carries wont be going up a ton, especially around the goal line. Fournette gets niggles like Julio as apposed to major injuries and as you say all the carries and rushing TDs he will get will keep him ahead of CMC in all formats my view.

Also Fournette isn’t known as a pass catching guy but he still saw 48 targets and caught 36 for 302 and 1 so he’s not quite Jordan Howard level!


its also a misconception that fournette doesnt catch. in 13 games he caught 36 balls. he was on pace to hit 45 catches. thats not blow your mind good, but its a good number to hit.

and james here already covered most of what i was going to say haha.


Yeah still Fournette for me. The full point shortens the gap, but alas, the gap must be minded


Agree with Fournette. The gap between them is closer in full PPR compared to standard but Fournette is the guy to go with. They improved the offensive line too


I agree with everyone who posted before me, Fournette all the way. Don’t even think twice about it. I even think McCaffrey is valued too high with the addition of CJ Anderson.


Seems like everybody has the same thinking. As a Panthers fan I love CMC, but as a fantasy player I won’t have him on any of my teams. I don’t think he sees 80 receptions this year and CJ Anderson is way better than what J-Stew has been doing the last couple of years.


fournette played 13 games because his ankles are made of tissue paper, you can say that he’ll be more of a bell cow and should get more volume in his role on his team but don’t project him to play 16


His ankle injuries are not that bad, his chances of surviving a full season will improve if he elects to get the damage assessed and the ligaments tightened and I suspect if this season worsens that may be what he has to do to maximise his career. Excessive rolling is very common though amoung athletes and is very manageable, the missed time amongst pros is as much preventative than anything else. As a team you don’t want your investment doing real damage when a week or two off can manage the problem.

Anyway even if he doesn’t play a full season he will still be a top 8-10 back due to volume. Also we need more sample size at the pro level before he can be deemed injury prone, I think of him more Julio Jones than Jordan Reed, banged up rather than seriously limited by constant injuries.


I guess I’ll be the voice of dissent. In full PPR, it’s McCaffrey for me, and it’s not particularly close. I think last year is his absolute floor. And big guys with persistent foot issues are scary.


he also dropped 20 lb’s

this off season. Should be “tighter” and less weight to cut


Depends on team composition for me but CMac gets the slight edge for me. I think he’s about as safe as they come out side of the top tier guys in a full PPR format. Don’t see his production dipping below what it was last year. So if you need that guy who provides the base for your team so you can roster the super high ceiling WRs, he’s my guy. Also, I think he outlasts fournette by a mile in terms of his productive years given his role /style.

Obviously assuming some form of keeper/dynasty format here.


No Question, LEO for me as well.


I think thats enough of a sample size, hes injury prone


Thanks for pulling this. I was trying to look for this thread but couldn’t find it.

CMC is such a beast. Was a great bet/buy in offseason, esp in dynasty.