McCown > Case or Dak for Wk 14?

I was perusing the waiver wire this week for my standard 4.5 TD league, and saw McCown’s recent on-fire performances. Should I pick him up and start him over Dak and Case Keenum?

I just want the safest bet for points this week, and McCown is looking suprisingly good.

This week I would rank, McCown, Dak then Keenum. McCown and the jets have been solid. Dak and the boyz are on the rise and the Giants D has been very meh lately. Keenum is solid, I just think he will have a tough time getting TDs in this game.

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For me I’d go Case > McCown > Dak. Dak rarely throws for more that 200yds in a game. Case faces Carolina who has a stong run defense but weaker against the pass so they will be forced to pass. A little concerned though that the game will be in Carolina. McCown faces Denvers defense who a lot of people are saying are exceptionally weak nowadays. However the stats to me do not support that really and i know the talent is there. Facing denver for me is too risky.

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