McCoy and M Brown for D Montgomery and Kirk

Other RB s are Chubb, Justin Jackson, Ito, Hines

I need some RB depth, but I am not sure if this is the way to do it. Monty looks to be great but I am not sure if his usage will be valuable until its too late (He’s my RB2)

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Dynasty or redraft? PPR or non PPR? Which side are you trading away/trading for?

Hi and thanks!

Redraft, 0.5PPR

I have Monty and Kirk. I wasn’t the one who proposed the trade, but I need a RB2… I think Monty will get there but perhaps too late?

I much prefer the Montgomery and Kirk side. You can get more in return or hold.

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Awesome, was thinking the same thing and its good to hear a second opinion