McCoy and Singletary

Drafting this afternoon. What the heck to do with LeSean McCoy and Devin Singletary? Can Shady become the #1 in KC? How good can Singletary be as the #1 in Buffalo?

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McCoy will get some use in KC, but I can’t see him becoming #1. Not sure I would even believe he will supplant D. Thompson as #2. Singletary on the other hand…….his ceiling is limited for now by the Buffalo offense. IF Allen improves - that will help DS quite a bit. For now - I see a low end RB2 as his ceiling. More likely a RB 3, but still flex worthy most of the time. I hope I’m wrong, I have him in one league and am still going to target him tonight in my last draft. Would be great to see him go off!!!