McCoy and TY Hilton for Mike Evans or Antonio Brown

I am in a 12 team full point PPR league. My team is as follows:

RB: McCoy, Hunt, Doug Martin, Alvin Kamara, Ameer Abdullah, Alex Jones
WR: TY Hilton, D Thomas, Cooper Kupp, Devin Funchess

Obviously I need serious help at WR and have a surplus of startable RBs.

I was considering attempting to package TY and McCoy for a top 5 WR. I am 2-6 this week and need a win.

Is this too much to give up? Players in my league get pretty protective over their players so I feel like I am going to have to overpay for a trade to happen, and I really need a top WR. Thanks for the help!

find a team weak at RB, send them 2 (preferably Martin/Ameer) for a lesser name but still legit WR2…
if you are desperate for a win this week, you’d be next week too…KC is on bye next week, maybe get a WR1 for hunt/funchess (car bye week 11 then too)

give me those WR that’s great.