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Mccoy before the big 3 WRs?


Is there ever a case where it would be more wise to take Mccoy before / after / in between the big 3 WRs just bc of position scarcity?


I think I’d rather take Brown over McCoy


What about the other two?


Now that Rex is gone, so is the run-first mentality. That being said, Gillislee is not around any more AND they have the best run blocking unit from a year ago…per the yards before first contact metric. Slippery fish in space is a good thing… but I think you can take Brown and OBJ before McCoy and still get a same tiered back on the turn. Jones is too much of a boom/bust player for me. When I traded Jones for Jordan Howard in week 8 or 9, that sealed my loss in championship game to the same guy who i gave Howard too. Jones tends to get a little nicked up, and they didn’t use him for much more than a decoy down the stretch (fantasy playoffs). That payed dividends for Atlanta in the playoffs, as Jones was awesome…so I think they are likely to employ that strategy in the future. That is not what I want from my first round pick.


Would take brown over McCoy. If it is a standard league, I would take McCoy over the other two.


No. If you could guarantee me 16 McCoy games, I’d rank him up over Julio, but not Odell or Brown. But we can’t, so for me McCoy is an option starting at pick 7-8, but not sooner.


For me, it’s hard to pass on Mccoy in the 5-8 range. I think he is a stud. However, the main reason I like grabbing McCoy is that I’m not super thrilled about which RBs would be available if I take a WR first round. For example, if I take Julio at 5, my available RBs in the 2nd round would be (according to current ADP) Crowell, Lamar Miller, and Fournette. I’m just not sure I’m excited about the idea of any of them being my RB1.

However, if I go with McCoy at 5, my options at WR in the 2nd round would be guys like (again, based on current ADP) TY, Dez, Cooper. I’m more comfortable rolling with those guys as my WR1 than I am with rolling with Crow, Miller, or Fournette as my RB1.