McCoy for AJ Green

In a dynasty full point PPR league,
Should I trade McCoy for AJ Green?

I would take the Green side of that deal, so yes.

I agree. I think AJ Green will bounce back this year and be a top fantasy WR again. Plus I tend to believe that this might be the year that McCoy finally falls off the cliff. I personally already traded him this offseason for Alshon Jeffery and a 2019 2nd, so less than AJ Green

If you can find anyone to actually accept that trade, would take it to the bank and never look back cause that would be one of the most lobsided trades I’ve ever seen.

I got him to accept the trade…!

Good work, nice trade. Now you can focus on RBs in the draft

I have the 1.04 & 1.05 what RBs should I target?
I like Penny & Guice.

Doubt you’ll get guice with the 1.04 or 1.05. Hype on him is pretty real.

Might not even get Penny. If Michel is there, i’d take him in a heart beat. If not, you’ll just have to take Chubb and Royce or something.

Yeah agree with @MikeMeUpp and in the other thread as mentioned very unlikely to see Guice and Penny. Now you’ve got a bit more WR stability with the upside I would grab the two best RBs most likely Michel and your pick between Jones, Freeman, Chubb and Johnson. I’d personally got Freeman, he has risk like any rookie but has a fairly easy path to being the lead back for Denver. I’d take a gamble on Michel or Jones as both will play a lot this year but have volume questions. Again if someone offers you something good for the 5 I’f entertain it, but you need RB help with youth and upside and can get a WR at the 2.07

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Getting Green is a big win there.

I would look for Chubb OR Freeman as I think they will be high floor with so much fun opportunity. But you might have to wait a year on Chubb. I might lean Freeman there plus Freeman will catch passes.

Then i would look at Michel, Johnson OR Jones. Both those guys could own backfields and I see high ceiling on them. I might lean Jones but admittedly the potential with Michel is vast. Just not sure about the NE future with all the crazy Gronk and Brady talk. Particularly with Michel being a rookie.

I like to balance my choices. I personally do not think voice or penny will be there, but if they are for me it is Guice. I think too many folks are underestimating Carson in SEA.

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