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McCoy for Evans trade?


Trade away McCoy, Garcon for Evans, McCaffrey.

My RBs: McCoy, Gurley, Hunt, Mixon, Carson, Kelley, Abdullah

My WRs: Jordy, Kelvin B, Demaryius, JJ Nelson, Garcon


PPR/ Half Point/ Standard? Flex or 3 WRs?

If you have Gurley and Kareem Hunt and believe in Joe Mixon for the season, I would take Mike Evans. The only thing that makes me hesitant is the value of RBs in fantasy. If either Gurley or Hunt go down, you’re relying on the unreliable.

Personally, I would keep RB depth but it depends on your league. You have a lot of talent on your roster so I can only assume you’re in a 10 or 8 team league. WRs are more easily streamable and if you have a Flex spot, McCoy, Gurley and Hunt sounds pretty scary.


Thanks for the lengthy response! It’s a half PPR 3 WR league plus flex. It’s an 8 team league! I do like my depth, and don’t want to compromise that!

Do you think I could use an upgrade at WR? Also, I was debating selling high on McCoy. Maybe swapping him for a less injury prone RB like Freeman?


The 3 WR format changes the scarcity a bit. I’d probably do this. You have a lot of RBs, but could use some WR help to be sure. I still think McCaffrey is going to be a really good player for fantasy. Maybe I’m a sucker.


My pleasure. I’m in mock trial practice and have nothing better to do.

I have LeSean is two leagues. One half point and one standard. I would gladly trade LeSean for Devonta Freeman in the half point and the standard is close. I’m just not happy with the Bills offense and your point on LeSean McCoy’s injury proclivities is well taken.

Regarding your WRs… Kelvin B. has a great matchup this week, Jordy is always an injury risk, and D. Thomas is overall, “what you see is what you get.” Here’s an idea… see how Kelvin B. plays this week and if he explodes, try to pair him with another piece for an upgrade. If you’re high on him… weigh how you feel about Jordy’s injury issues with D. Thomas’ ceiling and try to pair either of them and do a 2 for 1 for a better receiver. Joe Mixon may entice someone but I don’t know your league and how you all trade.

I hope that helps but thats my thought process.


So this could be a game changer… Pryor was just dropped. Should I pick him up to solidify my WR core? Who would you drop?


See above. A slight change in my situation.


You should obviously pick up Pryor if you can and the above situation just got easier. The trading 2 for 1 still applies. I personally always try to if I can. Trying to get better players, whoever you think they may be, sounds like a good idea to me.


Agreed. Would you spend a lot to get Pryor? I’m down to $52/$100 for my budget since I spent money to get Carson and Mixon.


Keep in mind I have never played in an 8 team league so I don’t know the turnover of players in availability or how quickly FAAB is spent. I am in one 12 team league and two 10 team leagues and in my experience, FAAB is spent at lower rates in the 10 team league so as I keep saying, I don’t know how your league works but I value Terrelle Pryor higher than the two names you mentioned. I would spend most if not all my FAAB to get Terrelle Pryor in in any of my leagues but he would never be on the wire unless he was hurt for several weeks. However, it might be a good idea to save a few bucks. Idk, its up to you. I’ve only spent a few about 16 and it was to get JJ Nelson. Tarik Cohen went for 60 or so after week 1… and the next highest bidder was 44. I value Terrelle Pryor over Cohen.

I know this is not much help but thats my best explanation. Hope it helps.


That definitely helps. It may be league dependent. Because in this league Cohen went for $39, while JJ Nelson went for $7. In addition, guys like Cobb, Sanu, Decker and Lockett are still on waivers… So there is depth to be found. Pryor is obviously above any of those names. I’m tempted to spend $30 on him. It just means I will only have $22 left to spend for the season. We do have $0 bids so I’ll always be able to pick someone up if needed.


I don’t think it’s a slam dunk that Pryor should be added over Cobb.