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McCoy for Mixon


Is this a trade I should peruse? Here’s my roster.


as the resident mixon hater (not really hate, i just dont like where he is) i would say yes, do it. mixon is a young talent that will produce, if not how everyone else thinks he will, and he will continue to produce for a long time. mccoy on the other hand, has a year left at a high level, and maybe not even that. mixon is worth the risk of taking him, as he could still produce with the bengals or another team after or if he leaves. or if marv leaves. your roster needs a reload pretty badly too. your WRs are mostly eh, with a lot of upside. RBs are more of the same with a lot of injury concern. that looks like a .500 team with upside, and a good place to help with that is to get an RB that has that same kind of upside moving forward.

btw my answer changes if by some off chance this is a redraft. which, i doubt highly with that many players and you having already drafted, but i figure i should point that out. my answer stays the same as well in all point formats, Standard, HPPR and PPR.


I’m sorry I forgot to say this is a full PPR dynasty league. I also have the #4 & #5 picks in the first round.


Shady has broke 1000 yards 6 times.

you have both picks 4 and 5 this draft. Your gonna get talent there. To be honest. Because of having those 2 picks. Id keep mccoy


I’d take mixon for mccoy in a heart beat. If for nothing else, just to flip him later. McCoy value is only going down from here. Mixon’s while people are split on him, has a lot more upside and trade value in dynasty setting.


Exactly! It’s worth it no matter what, because even if you don’t love Mixon… Someone will. You’ll never get a better offer than this, IMO.


Shady is great but I agree with Andy from a few podcasts ago. Shady isn’t getting any younger and may be on the worst team in the NFL that no longer has the threat of a rushing QB. This will finally be the year that McCoy hits a wall (literally) and I would snag a potential superstar in his own right. Yes I said POTENTIAL but people are drooling just as much over other unproven commodities and rookies. Take Mixon and don’t look back.


If it is a dynasty I would do this in a second if the Mixon owner would go for it. This is probably McCoy’s last good season before he breaks down, and could possibly break down this year. He is turning 30 this year, and has over 2100 career rushes, and the Bills don’t have slot of talent on their team so he could be run into the ground. Mixon should have a good year. They let Hill go, rebuilt the O Line, brought in a new O Line coach who coached the Cowboys line the last couple of years. Plus, for dynasty outlook, he is only going to be 22 years old this season, and Marvin Lewis will probably be gone next season.


I am not big on Mixon personally, but if you could take his potential while moving off of the eventual (soon?) decline of McCoy I would do it. Might hurt for a year, but so much clock left for Mixon in the league. I think it is worth the risk.


Do it, I seriously doubt Lewis will be coach forever and Mixon is young.