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McCoy > Freeman / Green?


Is Lesean McCoy really the next best pick after the top 5 are gone? In the show, the guys were debating taking McCoy with the 3rd pick instead of one of the big 3 WRs. The fact that Buffalo is getting rid of other good offensive weapons and will play New England twice has me nervous. Would it be stupid to pick Freeman or Green over him in the middle of the first round?


Not crazy, but I would go McCoy still. Injury is impossible to predict, but if he remains injury free… McCoy is the play.


I personally would take Green over McCoy. Green was on pace to be the top fantasy WR last season before injury. There’s nothing stopping him from doing that again this season except for maybe a worse offensive line. Although that should lead to airing it out more, not less. I’d still take McCoy over Freeman though, although I wouldn’t fault someone for taking the starting RB on the Super Bowl runner-up over the RB for a team that’s obviously tanking. I just think McCoy will be an absolute workhorse this season for the Bills, and could even be the top or second leading receiver on the team period. That’s very valuable in fantasy, regardless of whom you’re playing for.

If it gives you any perspective, I just had a draft where Green, Evans, and Nelson all went ahead of McCoy.


Shady is a beast … but the Bills are looking beastly. The scene in Buffalo is looking like a dumpster full of tires which has been doused with jet fuel, with a lit blue tip match held over the top.

AJ or Freeman at pick #6 just feel better.


I’d take either of them over McCoy this year, with out hesitation. Freeman has been about as sage as they come near the top of the RBs recently and Green is maybe the most disrespected stud out there. Shady scare me a lot this year.


About as safe*


I actually like “sage” better.


It does still kind of work, doesn’t it?