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McCoy, Green or Jordy


I have the 8th pick in a 12 team full ppr.

I am struggling with deciding who to pick. I want to lean towards McCoy since running backs are a commodity, but Jordy and Green are excellent picks as well. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks!


I’m thinking with pick 17 you’re still in Howard, Ajayi, Murray range, so if you’re comfortable with one of them as your RB1, go with Jordy or AJ.

They’re both great, obviously. I lean AJ, but I can totally see the argument for Nelson, with that offense, he’ll get plenty of red zone work.


I personally like AJ, however, I would think Jordy would have better production with A. Rodgers if he stays on the field.


I like Shady. I think that RBs are a premium. You can fill out your WRs even if you went Shady/Ajayi or Murray. RB drops off much faster than WR, so thats why I lean that way.


I think you are spot on with this. At the 17th pick Howard, Ajayi, or Murray should be there so if you are comfortable with one of those being your RB 1, pull the trigger on Jordy.