Mccoy Hot Potato

Just traded Wentz, Gillislee, and Steelers D/ST for LeSean Mccoy. Pretty happy about it but should I try and continue to pass him along to try and snag more depth or hold onto him through the bye week? Currently 2-3 with my starters as

Jameis Winston
Devonta Freeman
Bilal Powell
M Crabtree
Jermaine Kearse
Cameron Brate
Desean Jackson
Bucs D/ST
Matt Prater

Side note wanna say thanks to the ffballers and you guys on the forums for providing good tips and moral support, been struggling every week cuz I lost DJ, Greg Olsen, Chris Carson, Charles Clay… its been rough XD

Oh sorry, btw its a standard scoring league

I would keep him your team needs him.


Thanks man! I figured as much hahaha