McCoy is gone! Time to buy the Cardinals?

I just got the sleeper notification Mike McCoy is gone! Is anyone else targeting the cards players? I just dropped Fitz in one of my leagues for Ito Smith, is he worth a flyer now? There are so many questions!

Quick, buy low on DJ.

lol. McCoy definitely had to be a root of a problem but I find it hard to believe this will cause a 360 and points will start raining from the skies.

I think OC changes in the middle of the season isn’t great because now they need to learn a completely different scheme. Especially if they bring in someone new. It’s going to still be a dumpster fire for the near future.

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I have sent out a few offers for DJ in both of my leagues. I think the main thing holding them back was the play calling and their constant runs up the middle. I dont think the offense will do a 360 by next week but i do think they will start to make progress to being maybe a middle of the road offence instead of one of the worst in the league, they cant get much worse than they already are.

It can only get better from here. I could go in there and call a better game than McCoy. Whoever takes over won’t do what the prior OC did because that’s why he got fired.

Also, if the offense does a 360, they end up right back where they are… You mean the offense won’t do a 180.

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…You are right. I learned my 180’s and 360’s from a discussion on the Footballers recently. They got me all turned 'round. Is that 180? Or 360? :wink:

In all seriousness though. You are right.
I have a big trade processing right now so I’m not willing to put more on the block but first thing Sat morning when I know I’m going to try and buy DJ low. His owner had Denver DST so that’s masking some of the disappointment he is feeling. Just hope he doesn’t catch this news between now 'n then.

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As a DJ owner in both of my leagues, THANK GOD! I’m not going to pretend they’re going to be so much better but all I’m asking for is a play caller with enough common sense not to run the ball up the middle every time!

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I haven’t gotten to watch an AZ game yet this year so i didnt realize how bad it was but after watching last nights game I see why everyone hated McCoy so much. It was hard to watch them run it up the middle every other play just to get stuffed and then end up in a 3rd and long every time.

throwing on first and second down to try and run on 3 and 15 from your own 20 so hard to watch glad i traded dj even with this firing