McCoy, Kamara, McCaffrey, Freeman - Which one to sit?!?!?

PPR… Go!

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Wow talk about 1%er problems. All 4 of those are RB1s this week.

Personally I think you sit McCoy. He has struggled in bad matchups, which I guess NO is now.

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Dang, rough go of it. I wouldn’t sit Shady, he actually has a great matchup, not a bad one…haha. I’d play Kamara for sure as well. I think I would sit CMC out of all of these.

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You should sit Freeman. He is banged up and this match should be a shoot out which gives him less value. Coleman will benefit from this script and Freeman will suffer. The other 3 are set to be godly this week


@Romophobic_Dezaster, Freeman is off of the injury report. Also Dallas will be without Elliot and Dez is banged up, I think it is unlikely this is a shootout.

@swissarmyaccountant, NO is a middle of the pack run defense, but they are great against weaker offensive lines. Buffalo isn’t a weak line, but they do make mistakes.

@scarmichael, there you go, three people with three answers.

Translation…no one really knows. Go with your gut. You could make arguments for them all I guess. haha

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@swissarmyaccountant is right. You are having to choose between a $100 bill, 2 $50s, or 5 $20s.

1st world problems… just trying to keep that points total maxed out!
Decisions, decisions…

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I will be back Monday to either brag or hand my head.

Tie breaker here! I would sit run cmc

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So @Romophobic_Dezaster was the winner!!