McCoy on Waivers - who to drop

Someone dropped McCoy. Who should i drop to get him?
Sanders, Singletary or Brisset (Have K Murray)

How many teams in your league? I’d normally say drop Brissett since Murray’s bye isnt’ until week 12, but AZ has some nasty matchups coming up and you may need flexibility at QB.

Singletary has arguably proven the least this year, but he has an attractive upcoming schedule. Sanders is new to the SF offense, but it’s a winning team and it would really suck to drop him outright.

If you want to get tricky you could drop your kicker or defense, and try to work a 2 for 1 trade before Sunday to get some value and open a roster spot.

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I wouldnt go out of my way for him. You might be in one of my leagues, as I dropped him. He isn’t very safe and being in a timeshare, he wont get you alot of points. I would drop Brisset if you are really wanting to pick him up.

In that case I’ll take your RB1 for my kicker please