McCoy or Coleman - FLEX - 0.5 PPR

I’m struggling to decide who I should start in my flex in a .5 PPR league.

LeSean McCoy or Tevin Coleman?

Any advice would be great. Thanks!

with freeman out its defintely coleman!

i know the name alone makes it a hard decision but if you think about it, it isn’t!
coleman produces even with freeman, so without him he will be getting more touches too…in the receiving game he is the clearcut No1.

buf o line is very bad, they starting a rookie qb -> so the boxes will be full stacked and even without bosa chargers d is solid!

As it stands right now, I do have Coleman starting.

I just have this feeling that with how anemic the Bills offense is, that they will just feed Shady. But, feeding him, doesn’t necessarily mean production.

Definitely could be overthinking this one a bit…

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I would start Coleman for sure.