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McCoy or Fournette?


I was just offered LeShawn McCoy for my 1.01 pick of Leonard Fournette in dynasty,leaning toward rejecting the offer in favor of youth and potential.


@tim_halverson I’m a McCoy owner and I think you should not make that deal. I have three reasons why I feel that way. This will be more important if your team is rebuilding and earned that 1.01 the hard way. #footclan-community #1, that pick/player should be valuable for multiple years 4+ years, whereas McCoy is 28 yrs old and will only be a top 5-10 RB for the next year or two before he’s completely used up. #2 you may change your mind before the draft, and value someone like Davis higher, #3 you should and can get more for 1.01, meaning multiple young players and picks to set up your future, and if league mates aren’t willing to deal right now don’t sell low, just sit tight and enjoy!


I already own Fournette,rookie draft for this startup was last week,I traded for the 1.01.
I appreciate your reply and will just sit tight with Leo.