McCoy trade for Landry?

I’ve been offered Landry for McCoy would you’s do this trade I have miller Gurley Freeman and barber as my other rbs

It want more for McCoy as he’s the only guy at the bills who will get the ball. Especially now as it looks like the assault thing had no truth to it. who are your wrs. How badly do you need Landry?

Nah. You can do better than Landry for McCoy.

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Wrs are green Tate fuller Cole and Jeffrey

3wr league full ppr and flex

id either try and get more out of him or bail. joshg11 is on a good point, mccoy should get large volume in the run and probably the pass on those outlets. (see article about who has the most value WR/TE/RB/QB on the poor teams)

I’d ship McCoy, he’s old, riddled with wear, on an offense that looks completely gutted. But I agree with the others in that you can do better than Landry. McCoy’s legacy value is still high. I’d try to ship him before the Bills put a couple of games on film. 2c

You should be able to get someone around Larry Fitzgerald/Amari Cooper level in a full PPR league.

I’ve had Fitzgerald and cooper the last two years and want to stay well clear of them