McFadden drop or keep

I have McFadden in a league that I do not have Elliot. Are people still keeping him or dropping him? I’m light on rb. I already tried trading him and it was rejected.

McFadden is already kind of a turd. You can keep him if…there is nothing on the waiver wire and you want the handcuff. if there’s something else on the waiver maybe ask for drop/add advice. Good Luck brother.

Thanks there are people i like on waivers such as James white, Lacey and hill

There are also many promising rookie wr fliers I could take

There’s a chance the Pats start working white in more, with amendola being out. They need someone that can mimic welker/Edelman for those underneath passes. I think Lacy may be a good stash also, especially if Rawls doesn’t play.I think the footballers talked about that in their podcast today.

That’s what I was thinking. I don’t imeadiate start more of a depth piece. I also have Lynch, a dual and gore

Thanks for the advice. I’ll probably drop him for one of those players.

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