McFadden for Landry?

Hey all, so I am currently 2-4 and need some improvement. The following is my team:

D. Murray
D. Martin
C. McCaffrey
L. Murray
J. Allen
D. McFadden

Mike Evans
D. Funchess
D. Parker
T. Pryor

It is 1/2PPR. I am wondering if I should offer a trade to the owner of Zeke and trade McFadden for Landry. He currently doesn’t use Landry because he is stacked at WR but is hurting at RB with the loss of Zeke. Would yall make this trade or would you hold out in hopes of McFadden being a beast and winning taking me to playoffs.


6 games is make or break at this point. If McFadden puts up half the points zeke does I could win some more games.

In a half-point I actually really like Landry, but Landry is a target monster and if the Zeke owner knows his stuff he’s not going to let him go for a guy that may not even be needed. Zeke isn’t for sure missing time yet and if he does we still don’t know who his replacement will be or if McFadden can play like he did 2 years ago. I say go for it, I just don’t think he’ll do it.

Would you still do it knowing you have DeVante Parker on the same Dolphins team that really hasn’t performed? He has Mariota and I am rostering Cam which he might see as appealing given the recent success.

His WR’s:
M. Thomas
D. Hopkins
G. Tate
S. Diggs
J. Landry

Yeah I was gonna include that and I forgot. Normally I don’t like doing stuff like that but considering McFadden may never play a down I think it’s in your best interest. You can always package Parker in the trade for Landry or flip Parker too to someone else.