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McFadden in a Keeper League


In a standard keeper league should I keep McFadden until the decision on Zeke or is this the time to get rid of him and quit stashing him on my bench. If I choose to continue stashing him my only other option would be to drop Amendola. Thoughts?


Tough just because of this whole situation. Is there any other rb that is available?


Well I have Jordan Reed right now at TE and because he might not play I hvae to drop an extra bench player to have either Vernon Davis or Jesse James on the bench to start if need be. Amendola is my only other person to drop. I have Theilen, Cohen, Quizz Rodgers, Winston, and Buck Allen on my bench as well. I’m probably going to start either Rodgers, Allen, or Cohen this week. I just think McFadden might not even be the feature back with no Elliott.


Personally I would drop McFadden just because I don’t buy into him being that productive if Zeke is gone or even this season at all. That is just me though. Others might have a different opinion.