McFadden or Morris, full ppr

i have david johnson, wasting away on my bench. also looking to trade an rb for wr in same league.

two part question. would you drop dj at this point after what Bruce said? and who do you like more at dallas?

mcfaddens pass stats over his career make me lean towards him in that offense.

If it is not a keeper league then yes drop DJ.

Morris/McFadden question will be the question of the year. Truth of the matter no one really knows.

I lean towards McFadden. He is better at receiving and is more like zeke with his running style than Morris. The only unknown is actually Rod Smith. He might end up getting more work than the both of them if he shows he is a solid rookie. It is has been the year of the rookies so only time will tell.

i let go of him a long time ago. but i didn’t have an IR spot. With them on a second string QB and trying to use AP. I don’t see them bringing him back at all this year. Whats the point?

Drop him

the Dallas question is up for debate. flip a coin or grab em all

and if i have learned anything from fantasy football is… whatever one you pick. it will be the opposite they go with

all great points for dj. ill probably drop him for one of the two. hopefully get some more hits on this thread. ballers seem to be on both sides of this one, hella hectic