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McFadden or Morris or Neither?


Feeling squeezed for bench spots and I’m holding on to McFadden as a Zeke owner. Is it worth holding onto him with the situation uncertain between him and Alfred Morris?

Or should I try to shop him for another lotto ticket like Derek Henry? Someone less injury prone?


I generally don’t handcuff, but this may be a bit different. Probably depends on what’s on the wire.


So for instance Tarik Cohen is just sitting there. So is John Brown. I even think this owner may need to drop Derek Henry if he can’t get a trade to go through. He doesn’t have Murray. Would any of those be preferable to DMC?


Cohen and Henry for sure, imo. Brown… man I want to say yes, because the talent great, but the kid just can’t stay on the field.


Thanks brother. Always nice to know the Footclan has my back!