Mcguire for Gio straight up

I am the Mcguire owner and also the Mixon owner. I am considering proposing mcguire for bernard straight up. I like having a handcuff for my RB1, and the lev owner doesn’t have anything that would benefit my team, so trading him his handcuff doesn’t look like it would work out.

would you go through with this proposal if you were in my posistion? Or am I asking for the moon?

Gio is a potential cap casualty for the Bengals. He has a relatively large Cap hit and a small dead cap value.

As long as you are comfortable acquiring a player who may not be Mixon’s backup, then go for it!

I think Gio would land somewhere. But depedning on if/when that cut happens, it may or may not be a favorable location.

Thanks for this insight.
I did not realize this. May be best to hold out for the time being