Mcguire, Richard or Freeman

Hey everyone,
I am in a 12 person 0.5 ppt league and am in a predicament. I have K. Johnson as my Running Back and he is unfortunately out for tomorrows game. In addition, I stroke out on my waiver wire this week as well. I have David Johnson as one of my running backs, but I need to choose between Mcguire, Richard or Royce Freeman as my second choice. I wanted to seek advice on who you suggest I should start. Any help would be appreciated. And of course, this is a must win game for me to make the playoffs. Thanks for the help and Happy Thanksgiving.

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I think the best and really only option this week is McGuire. Freeman doesn’t get the volume to be trusted and is TD or bust playing second fiddle to Lindsey. Richard and the Raiders wont be doing anything at all vs that Ravens defense. McGuire will be in a pass heavy game script so should get some volume there and has looked the better back, i think he is the best option out of these three.