McKinnon for baldwin

I’m RB desperate I only have smallwood kamara and abdullah. At WR I have allen, AB, hopkins, baldwin, and cooks. Would trading baldwin for McKinnon be a good or bad move for me?

Great move. McKinnon is definitely the best in Minnesota. I’d get him in a heart beat.

He’s a Target machine

Sweet deal. Yeah I needed a power move and I hope this is it. After the bye next week his schedule looks pretty good to.

That is a really good deal, but with those WR you could also think about trading 2 of them for a top tier back. That is what I have done in my league.

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Complete no brainer. Rip his arm off for that trade.

I like @Clarkala’s idea. And go for a bell cow type RB, and avoid what may be possible, a huge split depending on game script.