McKinnon, Jones or Martin

I have Kareem Hunt as my 4th RB and he’s starting wk6 for me.

My other options are in the header, which other 2 should I pick for week 6?

My WR options are Hilton, Fuller, diggs (not playing) and Baldwin (bye).

Should I look to get D.Thomas or Amendola off the waivers?

D Thomas is on the waivers? Pick him up asap!


He’s there because I kicked his arse to the curb! Hahaha.

Who do I drop them from my roster?
QB - Wentz, Mariota, Prescott (I picked up Wentz as Mariota is Q and Prescott is on bye, thinking of trading one of them)
WR - TY Hilton, Fuller, Diggs (injured), Baldwin (bye)
RB - Hunt, Martin, McKinnon, Jones, DJ (back wk12?)
TE - Gronk
K - gostkowski
Def - Minnesota

I would see if anyone needs a starting QB and see if you could package a QB and one of your spares for an upgrade. I personally hate rostering 3 QBs. You could probably get a decent piece for Mariota and a better piece for Dak (though Dak is my favourite out of those 3).

Yup. Only took 3 as Mariota was questionable against a bye week Prescott, couldn’t take the risk