McKinnon or Dalvin Cook full PPR

Have the second pick in a keeper league. Looks like best two options will be McKinnon or Dalvin cook? Preferences in a full PPR?

Cook over McKinnon.

Cook. 110%

Cook over Mckinnon for sure

In a vacuum I prefer McKinnon all day, but in this situation McKinnon would be a reach and Cook will go where he is normally going around the turn of the 1st in a draft. McKinnon is going 10ish picks later normally.

Cook. Not even close. In vacuum, not a vacuum, its Cook by a country mile.

We got Florida State’s all time leading rusher.

Thanks guys. Appreciate any input you can give me. It’s also a two keeper league so I feel the value for cook is going to be hard to pass on.

Cook is going to be valued higher, by everyone. But McKinnon’s the guy who’s going to score more in PPR. Book it.