McKinnon or Lesean McCoy in non ppr

Who would you take in non ppr, redraft

Mixon, comfortably

Not an option?

I wouldn’t have taken McCoy in the 2nd before his potential legal problems. Now I’m not touching him for several more rounds.

Wouldn’t take either. You have way better options than both. If I had to choose, I’d take McCoy. I’d rather gamble on the legal trouble than gamble on McKinnon’s lack of talent.

Also, in a standard league, McKinnon is even more trash than in other formats. Hard pass on him.

Lol, I misread this apparently. Read Mixon instead of McKinnon. To answer the question that was actually asked, I wouldn’t take either of these guys in the first 4 rounds.

This is for a keeper league draft and these 2 will be the best available when I pick

Highly doubtful that they’ll be the best available, but I guess it’s possible. I don’t know because I don’t know who the keepers are. If your dead set in one of them, I’d go McCoy. At least I know he’s a starting caliber RB and has a huge guaranteed workload if he isn’t suspended.