Mckinnon or mixon

.5 ppr. Ive been taking mckinnon in that back of the second (22nd overall) This isnt too early is it? Ive been contemplating this choice all year. What do you guys think? Mckinnon or mixon in .5 ppr?

Mixon is perfectly healthy and young, whereas McKinnon has a history of injury and literally just had a knee MRI two weeks ago. I see Mixon getting the volume, and as the wise ones say, “Volume is king in fantasy football.”

I wouldn’t take McKinnon within 30 picks of Mixon. Maybe 40, depending on who’s there.

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McKinnon has a lot higher ceiling in that Shanahan offense. Could catch 70 balls (He turned Carlos Hyde into a pass catcher last year) So if your looking for that Boom pick I would say McKinnon. If you want about 20 touches a game with not much production, go Mixon. I do think Mixon will improve this year on his yards per touch but Mckinnons “What if”? Intrigues me!!

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In no shape way or form does McKinnon have a higher ceiling than Mixon. Mixon’s ceiling is the #1 overall RB. McKinnon’s ceiling is a low end RB1 at best, and I think that’s extraordinarily optimistic. And his floor is much, much lower. This shouldn’t be a conversation.

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“Joe Mixon carried the ball six times for seven yards”

i know its preseason but this reminds me too much of last year early

id like him to succeed

I think we will have to agree to disagree on this one. Mixon in no way shape or form can finish as the #1 back. Gio is still involved, terrible offensive line play, his YPC last year were bottom barrel in the league. I think you are overlooking the play style

In no world does Mixon have #1 overall RB potential. I don’t even think in any world he has top 5 potential. I’m not saying I don’t like him, but that offensive line is bad, his coach is bad, and they will be losing a lot of games I think which leans toward Bernard. I still think he gets 20 touches a game, but are they quality touches? I think it’s splitting hairs for this pick but I lean toward the better offensive mind in Shanahan offense. If this was a non ppr then is Mixon all day, but I think they are both low end 1’s or high end 2’s.

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@foxlvstrng you seem to be misunderstanding the concept of possible worlds. There is absolutely a possible world,
were the OL changes they made this off-season produce competent or better run blocking and in which the coaching staff recognises that Mixon is superior to Bernard in literally every aspect of the game, and therefore gives him the lions share of the work. In that world, he absolutely has that kind of upside.

McKinnon, in the other hand, will never been anything approaching a bell cow, under any circumstances. Ever.

@Windowlicker @FantasyDeSpencer @foxlvstrng

As for betting on the coach/situation, do what you want, but I’d strongly advise against it. First of all, everyone loves to remember the Shanny success stories for RBs, but there are plenty of other years where it’s a gross committee. Check out the 2010 and 2011 Redskins. Check out the 2014 Browns. Maybe he can make McKinnon play over his head, but McKinnon is closer to Roy Helu as a player (great athlete, mediocre football player) than he is to Devante Freeman. I’d be willing to bet that Alfred Morris leads this team in rushing. I’d also point out that while it’s true that Hyde had a career receiving year under Shanny last year, it almost entirely disappeared once Jimmy G started. There are also a lot more pass catchers in the team now than there were. Assuming 70+ catches is being extremely optimistic.

But the overriding fact is this: you, me, and basically everyone else absolutely suck at predicting situations. Raise your hand if you thought the Rams were the #1 offense in football at this time last year? Who thought the Jags were an AFC finals team past July? Any 2017 summer Case Keenum truthers? Who took Isaiah Crowell as their RB2? Who trhought the Eagles were the superbowl champs, or even contenders? I can keep going.

Take the talent and leave these silly assumptions that you know what a team is before behind.

Last thing I’ll say. I think there’s a pretty good chance that the Bengals are better than the 9ers this year. I’d actually consider betting on it.


I think the main thing that is swaying me towards mckinnon is the offense. Shanahan has proven to have success with running backs in the past and the money they spent on mckinnon supports that. Mckinnon will also most likely catch more passes than mixon. The problem with mixon is the head coach for me. The last 1000 yard rusher marvin jones has produced was Benjarvous green ellis. SF also has a top half offensive line while Cincy is in the bottom 10.

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Amd the last RB he had that was more than a marginal rushing talent was Cedric Benson.

There is no world in which he is that high ever, unless the top 5 guys all get hurt and don’t play. If you seriously think that Mixon has a world in which he finishes #1 I want in that league! He would have to score 20 tds to sniff that and he most def isn’t LT. Mixon has had 1 100 yard game and we are talking about #1. Come on now. I will say Mixon losing weight is a great sign and I do think he is a low end RB 1. Like anything we shall find out in time. Plus the FFBALLERs have McKinnon ahead of Mixon and I trust their knowledge as well!

Watch some film. He definitely has that type of talent.

I’ve seen plenty. That type of talent running for 3.5 a carry is what is scary

If your argument is YPC (a noisy and completely useless statistic) and an appeal to authority, then I have nothing further to say to you. Believe what you want.

I don’t even understand how this is still a question. I will first start by saying, there are other players I’d rather take over both of them when picking at 22. Mostly WRs + Gronk. I don’t like RB talent at that spot so I typically don’t draft RBs there, especially with so much WR talent getting pushed down. I frequently see AJ Green available there which is absolutely absurd and disrespectful. But, if you’re someone who drafts based on positional need vs BPA, then I would take Mixon over McKinnon and it is not even remotely close.

My thoughts and analysis on McKinnon has been well documented on these forums. I’ve laid out all the facts and reasons why I don’t think he will work out. But if after seeing all that, you still want to base your decision off qualitative/hyperbole like “Shannahan is a genius” or “McKinnon is the new freeman”, then I can’t really help you.

Mixon will see more touches than McKinnon. I’d bet on that. Mixon is FAR more talented than McKinnon, not even close. And Bengals will be better this year than last. Those are the only factors to me that matter. Mixon will see 65%+ of the touches out of the backfield and I’ll be shocked if McKinnon sees much more than 50. I think he’s maybe the 3rd best back on his team alone and honestly would not be shocked if Morris or Breida out produce him this year on the ground.

And no with injury concerns, it makes me like him even less. The earliest round I would possible even consider taking McKinnon is the 6th. Probably not even then. RBs I’d rather own than McKinnon who are drafted after him:

Lamar Miller, Jay Ajayi, Marshawn Lynch, Rex Burkhead, Kerryon Johnson, Royce Freeman.

Fade McKinnon and let someone else invest the 2nd/3rd league losing pick on him. Trust me, you won’t regret it.


I can add several to this list.

I would fade them both and take Gronk all day, I def agree with that for sure. Gronk gives you what neither can, the absolute best at a position and that is nice to have week in and out.


So can I. But i figured that was representative enough to show how little I value McKinnon. There are literally some guys in the double digit rounds I would rather own than McKinnon.

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iv never had trust in mckinnion nor in Mixon for that matter. I won’t draft either one of them.

unless they are waiver pick up’s