McKinnon Out (Potentially) Again

Full PPR, got Bredia for free off the post draft FA pool - are people sleeping on him?

If it’s juts him and Coleman and even if both stay healthy all year, am I crazy to think he might be a low end RB2 in the Shan system?

You’re spot on at low end RB2.

Coleman will get the 1st and 2nd down reps with Breida coming in the compliment him on 3rd downs. Coleman will always be the featured pass catching back whereas Breida will be the ground and pound guy.

I think so and honestly with Bredia’s explosive ability and Coleman not looking fantastic last year or this preseasons coups become a weekly flex play in all formats.

With room for more if Coleman can’t keep his share of the work away from Breida that is.

I’m actually loving Breida this year. He’s a much better value than Coleman and I think he could easily out touch and out perform Coleman. Did you see their 3rd preseason game? I had almost forgotten, the dude is a phenomenal player.


That’s exactly what I was thinking, after that game I thought ‘you know he may take the main role for himself’.

Also I know follow the money but it’s not like Coleman got a big deal. He came in to play the Coleman role from Atlanta I recall being said… does that mean Breida plays the Freeman role? For the price he’s worth a shot and with this news he really might do something

If you follow me on twitter, been pounding the drum for Breida all offseason. Even before McKinnon got injured. Breida has been and still is the most talented RB in that backfield. It shows up on film in terms of his ability to process line movements and taking holes at efficient angles to create extra yards. Also, he’s blazing fast.

I view the coleman signing as more of an insurance policy because of how easily Breida gets injured. He constantly played through injury last year. Breida is never going to be a workhorse but he is an incredibly efficient runner. Think like Ekeler/Drake type comps.

I stamped this a while ago but I had Breida leading that backfield in yards from scrimage before McKinnon injury. Now with McKinnon getting set back more, just locks that up even more. Breida has been the best value in drafts this entire season. RB2 upside in the double digit rounds. As far as I’m concerned, he’s still going too late. I prefer him over guys like James White, Penny, Etc.

I honestly might prefer him over Coleman. Coleman was given chances to be the lead guy last year and could barely hold of ito Smith lol. Coleman won’t be a workhorse or 3 down back. And I’ll take 40-45% of Breida over 55-60% of coleman all day.

This is a hill I will die on.


I still can’t believe he didn’t get drafted… grabbed a likely RB2 for free.

Fully agree he’s better than Coleman and as you say even if he’s just 10-13 touches a week I’ll take those likely explosive and in open space touches from Bredia all day.

I’ve been smashing the cop button on Breida anywhere in the double digit rounds. Unfortunately his price has been creeping up more and more. But I’m still happily taking him in the 8th/9th.

You could say it’s the Freeman role but even Coleman and Freeman had similar skillsets, the offense wouldn’t change much based on who was in there. Like Freeman, Breida is a scatback who can also run well between the tackles. They’ll probably split work evenly, both will be involved in passing game.

I just think that Breida is more talented at this point so will eventually win out for fantasy purposes. McKinnon now out of the picture for sure makes me confident. Only knock is that Breida’s ceiling is somewhat capped as he will never become a bell cow back. But that’s not what your drafting him to be in the 11th round or wherever you get him.

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Yep I had Breida last year on my league of record championship team. He’s one of those players that just passes the eye test so you have no problem taking a shot on him. He just kinda got lost in the RB madness in SF this offseason. Now that we have a clear picture, I’m all over him.

betting on talented backs in murky backfields remains one of the most profitable fantasy strategies. Dion lewis/Burkhead with patriots, Michel with patriots, Jones with GB, Kamara with Saints, the list goes on.

As a group, 49ers RBs ranked top 5 in scoring last season and that was with well below TD conversion which you would expect to regress higher to the mean this year. So i was always down to bet on the most talented back there at a discount due to the murkiness. And Breida is the most talented back there imo. Was last year, and remains that way this year even with coleman signing.


Hhmmm Darwin Thompson in Kansas City maybe… You didn’t hear it from me.

I’m not as high on darwin. He’s just a handcuff. If Williams goes down, he’s the #1 pickup but if williams plays, he’s not even startable.