McKinnon owner trade?

Ok so I went and picked Breida and Morris yo before the McKinnon owner found out iam in a 3wr and flex full ppr league iam very heavy at rb I have Gurley davonta McCoy Miller and now Breida and Morris my wrs are green fuller Tate and Alston Jefferey and Lockett , McKinnon owner has 3 players I would be interested in , adams Barkley and Kielce , who should I target and what should I offer ?

you won’t get either of those 3 with Breida and morris

maybe mccoy for kielce

Yeah Ano but willing to package them like McCoy ,Breida for Adams

Not close to a decent offer. Shoot much lower.

It will all depend on the McKinnon owners roster. McCoy and Breida for Adams would be a dream if you could get it but I doubt it. Morris and Breida are both nothing special and it looks like it will be 50-50 timeshare sontheir value is not high.

You might be able to get Adams for AJ green and Breida.

Brieda isn’t built for anything close to a 50% timeshare and Morris had 1400+ yards his last two years with Shanny, so he definitely has some value, just not nearly enough for the offers being floated.

It’ll be 60/40 with breida having value due to pass catching but neither is starting RB value, worth owning as backup or flex spot, so to OP offer no ones trading for both unless you’re aiming for a solid backup wr