McKinnon replacement

I had McKinnon on my roster and the torn ACL means I need to replace him on my roster.

My RBs are : Mixon, Coleman, Duke Johnson, Aaron Jones

My WRs are : Hopkins, Baldwin, Diggs, Mike Williams, Doctson

Which of these guys do you think I should add from the FA pool: James white, Ty Montgomery, gio Bernard, nyheim hines, Spencer ware, devante Parker (on waivers), can Meredith, demean Jackson, Allen hurns, Geronimo Allison.

Appreciate the help.

None of them even come close to the amount of production McKinnon would have given you…

If I had to take a flyer on one of those RBs, I guess I’d go Montgomery, and hope for an injury to Williams that lets him get a start while Aaron Jones is out two games.

If you can afford the roster spot, check and see if James Connor is out on your waivers, perhaps you may want to look to add him in case Bell doesn’t play Week 1… Good luck!

Thanks for the feedback. James Conner has been picked up by the Bell owner. I was leaning Ty Mont because that backfield could be potent or Spencer ware because he would return solid value if something happened to Hunt.

Would you be willing to trade Hopkins for a serviceable WR and RB; top 12 WR and top 24 RB?

Asking for a friend

Is this Full PPR, Half PPR, or Standard?

If it’s full PPR I definitely lean White. He has his role and will get
White will get his receptions and honestly has a shot at goal line work with Michel and Burkhead both being handled with care. With Ty Mont, a lot of people forget we’ve seen him excel in a workhorse role last season. It only lasted until the broken ribs in week 4 but he was very good for fantasy those first few weeks. That being said, GB likes to ride just one RB and the back ups don’t really get worked in too much. Ty Mont should get a few touches but last year, when either Jones or Williams was healthy, Ty Mont only touched the ball more than 8 times once… and that one time was before neither Jones nor Williams had established themselves.

Guaranteed production: White
Upside bench play with some stand alone value: Ty Mont

James White is a pretty easy add for me, if there’s a PPR scoring element.

I always have a soft spot for Montgomery as a packer fan but also when he plays with Rodgers he’s been a beast. I know Rodgers which likely means he’ll still get playing time and he always has the chance for catching balls.

I would check to see if Alfred morris is on waivers. With the shoulder problems matt brieda is having he might have significant work week 1. You might have to spend a good amount of faab though

go with TY Mont! having a chace at Aaron rodgers RB is worth the risk!

Thanks for the input guys. It is standard scoring, Breida and Morris were picked up by guys in my league within 5 mins of the initial report of an injury. Before ACL tear was announced.

Im leaning Ty Mont as he’s done it before with Rodgers.