Mckinnon vs Cleveland in UK a BUST?

Im worried McKinnon might be a bust this week. So far the players in London games have not panned out (Baltimore D, Cutler, Saints players, etc). Cleveland has been good against runners, but he is a pass catching back, and Miles Garrett is out. I like the matchup, but don’t love it. Am I just paranoid or is he a SOLID flex option this week? My other options would be Jordan Reed vs the Cowboys or Golden Tate vs the Steelers. Honestly, I am torn between McKinnon and Reed. What are some of your thoughts?

What TE are you starting?

I am starting Gronkowski.

Well ok then… After last week we know Lat Murray is more involved and I always shy away from players traveling that far. I like Reed at home. Is it PPR by chance?

Yeah it is full point PPR

Cleveland is pretty strong against the run. Considering the travel and the fact thet Cousins loves to throw to Reed, I lean Reed.


Thanks! I feel the same way.

Both matchups are actually tough (Dallas, 8th in league v. TEs and CLE 7th in league v. RBs). And I can’t imagine game scripts that don’t favor both. They also both stand to get plenty of work.

So in that case, you go with the more talented guy. Reed, when healthy, is among the absolute best at his position. Nobody has ever said that about McKinnon, although he has had some productive games lately.

Go with Reed.


Good analysis, Thank you!

Ok, Now a part 2. I have 2 flex spots, and have Mixon there. Who do you like more Mixon or McKinnon?

Mixon against Indy for sure.

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Now we’re into some serious crystal ball territory. Maybe tomorrow is Mixon’s coming out party, huh?

If the MIN game was in MIN, this might be tougher to call, but the “stay away from London games” rule coupled with Mixon’s VERY favorable matchup makes it a little easier.

I’d flex Mixon.

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what that guy said :slight_smile:

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Cool, I’m not just paranoid about the London players. I agree Mixon has huge potential this week. My only fear is the coaches. They already have dropped the ball and not given Mixon work, now after he spoke up about it I could see them giving more to hill or Bernard. Regardless, I still think indy is so bad all 3 could do good enough.

Ya I’m still on the flex fence full point PPR as well on Mixon-May Just go with the safer play with D Martin-Also struggling with GRAHAM over Reed-idk? Been second guessing myself all week long!