McLaurin/Dobbins for Montgomery/Diontae Johnson

Current RB: CEH, Taylor, Gibson, Hines, Dobbins
Current WR: Woods, Ridley, McLaurin, Shenault, Gage
Standard Scoring

McLaurin is the best player in that deal and you don’t really need Diontae Johnson…montgomery > dobbins but the bears suck and he’s not as good as CEH/Taylor and a tossup right now with Gibson.

So no, I would keep McLaurin. I’m guessing the reason you want to do this is so you don’t have 2 Washington players but I think there’s a better deal for you than this one

Yeah one of the reasons is to split the Washington guys up. But also I am a little worried with Kyle Allen starting at QB now and the rate of injuries this year, adding RB depth is pretty good