? McLaurin + Gesicki vs. Montgomery + Dalton Schultz + MarvinJones/Corey Davis

Hey Guys,
Looking to trade montgomery + schultz + either marvin jones or corey davis to get Gesicki and McLaurin. Been struggling with TE, currently have Logan Thomas starting, but I like Gesicki even if not a huge upgrade… My other WR are Cooper, Woods, DJ Shark, John Brown … only problem I see is i am a bit dry on RB (Zeke and J.Taylor starting), with Zeke’s handcuff locking Dallas, but pretty dry after (lev bell on injured reserve, and scooped Henderson on the waiver …). Seems like a good trade on paper, although I do like the prospect of montgomery and am dry at RB, Bell should be coming back at some point, and McLaurin looks more like a lock start… let me know what y’all think!

Thanks in advance!

Im trying to trade for Montgomery right now lol… i like the workload hes getting… Im not to sure its the right time to trade him i feel like after this week his value will be higher

thats honnestly what makes me pause a little … on paper mclaurin is a sure bet vs. montgomery which has the right setup but still not locked in (+ value in a year where a lot of rb are down)… really on the fence here … it could also go the other way around and get a crap week and montgomery’s value go way down with people going back to the old montgomery which can always have a big game but is game script dependant…

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Yeah thats what im afraid of with my trying to trade for monty… Im afraid i might be over paying if he flops this week… so im really considering my options

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any other opinion :frowning:?