Mclaurin, Mixon for Hopkins

.5 ppr 12 team redraft

My RBs are zeke,carson, mixon, j.williams, m.brown

My WRs are kenny g, woods, mclaurin, dorsett

I give mclaurin, mixon

I receive DeAndre hopkins

Should I do it?

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I’ve always played fairly vanilla. What is redraft?

Redraft is your typical fantasy league where you draft a new team every year

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Oh, so standard, vanilla, normal. Ok cool, ty sir!

If you can pull that off, I’d for sure do it. The F1 is a stud for sure but Mixon is hot trash. Plus with Fuller going down, Hopkins is about to get large.

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I agree with @nwtraining . I don’t know if he’s going to go off. He’s been underperforming, to a degree. And that’s without being more blanketed than usual. There are still other threats, but now he’ll command a tighter bracket.

That being said; he’s due. He’s a leader in this team. He’s ridiculously talented. If he’s going to show out, this should be where he grabs the game and the season and makes it happen for his team

Yes!!! 100%

As a Hopkins owner, I would turn this trade down

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Yeah that sounds like ultra tilt from the Hop owner. Waited this long